Science and The Bible

At the Loveland Vineyard a few years ago, Josiah Seaman, did a class in the small group schedule on Science and the Bible.  After receiving several requests, he has now placed videos of those talks on YouTube. Here is the link.

Science and the Bible youtube videos:

Josiah writes: “Many have claimed that science disproves God.  But is that really true?  Check out this visual presentation of the harmony of the Bible and science.  This chronological walk through of the Bible was compiled after interviewing many scientists on their area of expertise.  It presents a single, integrated worldview consistent with everything we know and hints towards mysteries we are still discovering. Let’s explore together. Questions in the comments are welcome.  Since this is the internet, please refrain from personal information (names, locations).  Also please subscribe to the channel so you can get updates as I produce more content.”


Josiah Seaman