Worship and Holy Spirit Night

You are invited to an area wide “Worship and Holy Spirit ” evening at the Vineyard of the Rockies in Fort Collins at 6:00PM on Sunday, February 24.  Come for an evening of soaking worship led by area Vineyard worship leaders and a time of prayer and ministry.  Come and get yourself filled up!

Jesus Brings Hope

When was the last time you stood in line and waited for … a table in a certain restaurant? … a new I-phone? … a deal on Black Friday? While most of us hate lines and waiting, if something has enough value to us, we are willing to queue up and pay the price. Luke 6 shows us the same phenomenon in the 1st century. Large crowds gathered around Jesus “to hear him and be healed of their diseases”. That summarizes the value that Jesus brought to their lives … and to our lives today.

Join us Sunday morning at 10 am for worship led by Richard Bonnell, followed by Vern’s teaching “Jesus Brings Hope”.