Our Mission


Following the Great Commandment of Jesus, we believe the first thing God is calling us to do is to LOVE GOD above all. For us, that translates into worship. Worship is bringing honor and glory to God in everything we do. Every part of our lives is for worship. In terms of church, we culminate our week of walking with God by joining together in a weekend worship & celebration service.


The 2nd Great Commandment of Jesus was to “Love your neighbor as yourself”. We have summarized that in our mission statement as “Love People”. In terms of church programming we focus on two groups of people:

  • For those people who are part of the Loveland Vineyard Community, we believe we are called to love people more. We focus our efforts on getting people into small groups so they can know and experience God’s love through each other.
  • For those people who are not a part of our local body, we believe we are called to love more people. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our community through outreach efforts.