Our Story

Loveland Vineyard Community is the 3rd version of the Vineyard in Loveland

  • Ric & Joy Lehman started the 1st Vineyard church in Loveland in 1995 by gathering 3 existing small groups together. They began services in the fall of 1995 at Loveland High, then moved to the present building on Josephine Ct in Jan of 1997. Ric and Joy moved to Mexico to church plant in 2002 and that Vineyard closed in 2007 from lack of finances.
  • Vineyard of The Rockies in Fort Collins then opened Loveland as a video venue, using the same building, which continued to the end of 2009.
  • In November of 2009, God spoke clearly to Vern Vandertop about re-opening the Loveland Vineyard. On Jan 10, 2010, Rick Olmstead released the Loveland group to become the Loveland Vineyard Community Church. With the simple vision to “Love God and Love People” we have focused our efforts on connecting with the Spirit of God and learning to hear and respond to the Living God while we give him our worship.
  • On January 12 of 2020,  Marshall and Marissa Smith were installed as Co Leaders of Loveland Vineyard Church.