Have You Met My Friend Jesus?

Have you met my friend Jesus?

If you asked a random person what they thought about religion they would probably say something about a bunch of rules or a moral code. They might associate it with judgement and shame and fear. Or they might feel it’s a really good idea, if only they could get their life together first. It’s no wonder that more and more people are walking away from any religious affiliation altogether and don’t feel like it’s worth their time. When Jesus stepped on the scene, the situation wasn’t so different. People claimed to be the messiah all the time but most people didn’t seem to care. But there was something different about Jesus. All kinds of people flocked to him from tax collectors to Roman centurions to woman of low social standing to fishermen. And somehow this became a movement that would change the world forever. What made Jesus so irresistible and how can we as his church share it with the world?

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