Repenting For the Gospel And…, a Prayer

A prayer by John Zulauf, January 24, 2021

Heavenly Father,
I pray that you would draw us to repentance as your church from holding to “the Gospel and…

For the Gospel and our favorite political figure.
For the Gospel and our comfort.
For the Gospel and our preferred tax policy.
For the Gospel and our ideology.
For the Gospel and our plans.
For the Gospel and our ideas of what revival is.

That we might know You and You crucified.

That we might not mix the Good News with anything else:
not with patriotism,
not with ethnicism,
not with party,
Not with class, or race, or sex, or anything else.

But just You.
You lifted up.
You crucified.
You risen again.
You delivering us from everything that you wouldn’t desire us to be.

Lord, draw us to repentance from the “and“. That we wouldn’t speak of You and… That we wouldn’t speak the Gospel and…
Even if the “and” is ourselves or the things we’re so proud of or the things you gave us.

Deliver us from the “and” I pray.