Tell Your Story

Join us for our fall sermon series: Tell Your Story where we will get to hear from members of our church and community about what God has done and is doing in their lives.

There are things that we know in our heads– things that we understand logically and theoretically; and then there are things that we know in our hearts, that move past the cerebral and change the way we understand the world and ourselves on deeper level. Everyone has a unique story made up of their own unique struggles and triumphs. We all have revelations from God that help us move from our heads to our hearts, that we are now uniquely qualified to speak about. There is power in speaking life and encouragement into one another through our stories. Despite living different lives, when we come together and share our stories we will quickly find that we aren’t alone, that we often have similar fears and struggles and that we can learn from each other’s triumphs. We are all also a part of the greatest story of all. The Bible is a compilation of many individual’s stories, knit together to form the beautiful overarching story of God’s love and desire for reconciliation with us through Jesus. You are invited to participate in God’s great story. Step out in boldness, inspire and encourage others, by telling your story.