School Supplies Donation List

This page will be updated as we have families sign up. We want to tailor our shopping so that they are receiving age appropriate supplies.

Specific Supplies Needed:

  • Pens: Red, Blue, Black
  • 12 inch Ruler
  • TI Calculator
  • 3-Ring Binder
  • 3-hole punch
  • College Ruled Loose Leaf 3 Hole Paper
  • Spiral Notebooks
  • Sticky Notes
  • Highlighters
  • Tabbed Dividers
  • Book Covers
  • Wire Bound Weekly Planner
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Backpack
  • Lunchbox
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Locker organizers
  • Pencil case
  • Stapler
  • Graph paper
  • Graphing calculator
  • Protractor

Need School Supplies?

The start of school is quickly approaching, do you have school supplies for your kids?

We understand that money is tight right now; if you need help buying supplies for the start of the school year fill out the form below. We will provide a backpack filled with the grade appropriate essentials. Pick up is during office hours the second week of August or by appointment.

Repenting For the Gospel And…, a Prayer

A prayer by John Zulauf, January 24, 2021

Heavenly Father,
I pray that you would draw us to repentance as your church from holding to “the Gospel and…

For the Gospel and our favorite political figure.
For the Gospel and our comfort.
For the Gospel and our preferred tax policy.
For the Gospel and our ideology.
For the Gospel and our plans.
For the Gospel and our ideas of what revival is.

That we might know You and You crucified.

That we might not mix the Good News with anything else:
not with patriotism,
not with ethnicism,
not with party,
Not with class, or race, or sex, or anything else.

But just You.
You lifted up.
You crucified.
You risen again.
You delivering us from everything that you wouldn’t desire us to be.

Lord, draw us to repentance from the “and“. That we wouldn’t speak of You and… That we wouldn’t speak the Gospel and…
Even if the “and” is ourselves or the things we’re so proud of or the things you gave us.

Deliver us from the “and” I pray.

Seven Last Words, A Series for Lent

Seven Last Words Series

Can you think of any famous last words? Perhaps Julius Caesar’s “Et Tu Brute” or Groucho Marx’s “This is no way to live!” Often, a person’s last words can reveal what’s most important to them. Before Nathan Hale was hanged by the British Army, he declared: “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” When Jesus was crucified, he made seven statements that revealed his heart, his divinity, and his humanity. During this season of Lent, join us in remembering the famous last words of our Savior.

  1. The word of Forgiveness: Luke 23:34 “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.”
  2. The word of Salvation: Luke 23:43 “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.”
  3. The word of Relationship: John 19:26–27 “Woman, look, here is your son! [John,] Look, here is your mother!”
  4. The word of Abandonment: Matthew 27:46 “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
  5. The word of Distress: John 19:28 “I am thirsty!”
  6. The word of Triumph: John 19:30 “It is completed!”
  7. The word of Reunion: Luke 23:46 “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!”

Series: St*ff Church People Say

Stuff Church People Say

Kids these days seem to have a language of their own: “I’m low key simping for that girl over there, no cap. She’s such a Heather and that fit is fire but she seems a little extra, what’s the tea?”

I beg your pardon, what did you say?

Sometimes we can forget that, as church people, we have our own lingo that may be confusing to newcomers. We’re “born again” and “covered by the blood”. We pray for “traveling mercies” and “a hedge of protection”. Some words or phrases are silly or can even be based on poor theology while others represent deep truths that we’ve forgotten.

In this lighthearted new series, we explore how the words we use can be a barrier to communicating the good news about Jesus and to reconnect with the profound truths that we have become casual about. Join us Sundays at 10am on Zoom or in person.

Cameron Peak Fire Response

Cameron Peak Fire Response

Are you affected by the Cameron Peak Fire?

The Cameron Peak Fire is now the largest fire in Colorado history, impacting more and more people as it grows. If you have been impacted by the fire, please reach out to us so that we can provide prayer and assistance. Use the following buttons below to sign up to receive or provide help.

Let us join together as a community to care for one another.

Click here if you need assistance and prayer

Click here if you can provide assistance and prayer


When I received an email announcing that the Vineyard’s regional “Un-Conference” was canceled I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of disappointment. This was yet another event to add to my list of things that I missed over the summer. But Marshall and I felt determined to not let that time go to waste (he had already requested the week off from his other job), so we took it as an opportunity to invest in some much need self care and space. One night we packed up a picnic and found a cozy spot in a park–which sounds great, but this park closed at sunset and I had drastically underestimated how early the sun would set. Even though this was a night meant to de-stress and relax I found myself getting more and more stressed about how dark it was getting so quickly.

I sometimes find myself not ready to move forward as the season changes, stuck on the things that I’ll miss–stuck on the conferences that got cancelled, the shorter days, the dying leaves. Though autumn ends some things, it also brings new things with it: warm apple cider, cozy campfire nights, beautiful fall colors. Looking back I wonder how many small moments of joy, how many mini victories I have missed because I was looking at the wrong thing.

Are you giving your mini-victories as much attention as you give your mini-setbacks?

The changing season provides a good opportunity to explore where you are feeling stuck. What things are you grasping onto that are holding you back? What would happen if every time we felt disappointed we asked God “where are you moving?” I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to miss out on anything that God is doing. So, goodbye summer along with all the things that I missed; and hello fall with new adventures just waiting to be discovered.

Lord, I ask that you take my heart and make it yours. Share your excitement about new things with me, show me where you are moving. I don’t want to remain stuck, so I give you authority over the things I cling to. I want to walk with you, celebrate with you, share every moment with you instead of staying stuck in the past. Thank you for the goodness you have in store for us and the goodness we have already received. I love you Lord. Amen. 

– Marissa Smith

New Series: Relational God

Relationships are the atoms, the building blocks of communities. The Bible is the story of the relationship between God and us. Everything makes more sense through that lens. Getting better at relationships with each other helps us to be better at our side of our relationship with God (and vice versa). God describes his relationship with us in a lot of different ways. Sometimes he is our father, other times our lover, or brother, or friend. In each case he is the perfect model of what a healthy partner looks like. Growing closer to God means relating to him in all these different ways and letting him transform our relationships with others.

Hearers and Doers: Vision for Loveland Vineyard in the next season

Listen to the full message

Your religion is worthless if you do not bridle your tongue and you deceive your heart. Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world. We must be hearers and doers, not one without the other.
– James 1:22-27

At the Loveland Vineyard, we aim to simply:

Love God, and Love People.

As a church, we engage in three different kinds of activities:

  • Worship (Love God)
  • Community (Love People through relationship)
  • Service (Love People through action)

We are so blessed to have such a strong legacy of authentic, Spirit-filled worship and small-group based communities as well as a tangible impact on our community through our Food Pantry and other programs. We believe God is leading us to build on this foundation and focus our service activities in three key areas:

Serve the Needy

Correct Oppression

Unite Communities