Karaoke Night!

Calling all singers! Join us for a fun night filled with music.

Instructions for joining

What you’ll need: 

  1. A computer or laptop with a webcam. (If your computer does not have a webcam, you can use two separate devices eg: phone and tablet, so long as one has a camera) 
  2. Internet access 
  3. Earphones 
  4. Song Ideas 
  5. Your fun personality! 


Here’s how it will go, loosely: 

  1. Join our Zoom Call. Right click here and select “Open link in new window” (This allows us to see and hear each other) 
  2. Join our Watch2Gether Room. Right click here and select “Open link in new window” (this allows us to watch the same karaoke videos at the same time/playback rate) 
  3. At this point you should have two browser windows open. In one is Zoom, in the other is a YouTube karaoke video running so you and your co-singers can all see the same lyrics in sync while also watching the videoconference.  Place the two windows side by side, so that you can see both at the same time. It should look something like this: 
  4. If you are using two separate devices, open Zoom on the device with a camera, and open Watch2Gether on the other device. 
  5. In the chat function of the Zoom Meeting, put your name and song request. Example: Sarah “Goodbye Earl” 
  6. I’ll add it to the queue in (roughly) the order they come in. Please be patient. If you want to do more than one song wait until after your first to add another. 
  7. When your song comes up, I’ll introduce you and you’ll…. 
  8. Sing! 

*Duets encouraged! We can take a couple breaks here and there to chat and say hello and find duet partners. 

*Costumes and fun lighting are also encouraged! 


Best Practices: 

  • Learn how to use Watch2Gether here 
  • It is encouraged to use earphones so there is no echo and you can still sing along. 
  • Stay muted if you aren’t singing 
  • Give others encouragement 
  • If you are doing a group number, lower/mute the volume on just your Watch2gether window (This helps mitigate the lag between song/words. It won’t be perfect, but since folks will see the words on the screen they can more easily match the timing with one audio source)