Everything we do in the Loveland Vineyard Kid’s Ministry is centered around growing a strong relationship with God and with each other. Here is what a typical Sunday morning looks like:


Infants through three year olds enjoy a safe place to play while their parents worship. Care includes a simple snack, Bible story reading (for kids with the attention span for it) and ample time to play.


Preschoolers and Kindergarten students will go to the Bear Room for a lively, creative telling of the day’s Bible story, followed by snack time and hands-on activities to help them apply the Bible’s truth to their lives.

1st grade through 5th grade:

1-5th graders will go to the Yellowstone Room where kids will meet with their small group and dive into the meaning of the day’s Bible lesson. Our aim is always for kids to learn and apply the wisdom of the Bible in an age-relevant way. Leaders provide kids the chance to learn and practice the spiritual habits that lay a strong foundation for a Christian life: authentic prayer Bible study, fellowship, listening for the Holy Spirit, and serving others.

Small Group Time:

This is a key time for intentional nurturing where each kid can be heard, cared for and nurtured spiritually. Our aim is to build strong, safe relationships so kids and leaders alike can minister to each other.


How are our volunteers screened?

Every volunteer who works with our children passes background and reference checks, as well as an interview process.

For more information, please contact our office.