Loveland Vineyard Youth

Our youth group is built upon three key elements: growth, community, and service. These three pieces combined help create well rounded relationships with God, friends and our city!

For growth we have Launchpad, a group that meets at 6:00 PM on Mondays on Zoom. The focus of this group is dive deeper into Bible, seeking a deeper understanding of who God is and building relationship with Him.

For community we have Clubhouse, a group that meets at 2:00 PM on Sundays on Zoom. The focus of this groups is to build relationships with one another. The format will change depending on the particular needs of the day, but you can always expect to walk away knowing another on a deeper level.

For service we have Lift. The time and date for group will change depending on the needs of the community. The focus of this group is to serve our city.  This is an opportunity to bless those around us, showing what it means to have a heart of Christ. We will only be working on outdoor projects.

You can nominate a project here.

Loveland Vineyard Youth is available for anyone in 6th – 12th grade. The more the merrier so feel free to invite a friend!

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