June COVID-19 Update

As we navigate this unprecedented time, our mission remains the same: Love God and Love People. With so much still unknown about COVID-19 we believe the most loving thing we can do for our community is to be cautious, follow health guidelines, and provide options. We don’t anyone to feel excluded or left out because of concerns of getting sick or spreading the virus to others. Here’s our current plan:

Sunday Morning Service

  • Option 1: Host or join a home church group
    The church as a whole has a rich and diverse history, going all the way back to the disciples meeting within homes. We want to revisit our roots, and put a spin on home church. With modern technology, we have the ability to be a part of a home church while still being connected with the larger church body. This style of meeting won’t be necessary forever, so let us not miss out on the opportunity to try something new!Who do you miss getting to see? Who do you want to “do the stuff” with? Invite your friends over on Sunday morning, and join in on our Zoom service together.
  • Option 2: Join via Zoom on your computer or phone
    See this link for setup and dial in information. We are working to make the online experience as good as possible and will be maintaining this option as long as we need to.
  • Option 3: In person at the church building
    Please help us keep in person attendance low. If you are able to watch on Zoom from your own home, we ask that you continue to do so to make the building available to those serving on Sunday morning (eg. sound and media crew, band members, speakers etc.). We also want to give first priority to those that can only participate in person. Many people are in the high risk category that also don’t have access to a computer or internet. As per county guidelines, masks are required for your protection and the protection of others. If you are unable to wear a mask due to medical reasons and cannot join via zoom, the family room will be available.
  • Option 4: Listen to recorded messages
    We would love to see your smiling face on Sunday! However, if you are unable to make it, you can stay up to date with what’s happening by listening to the messages and through the weekly newsletter.

Food Pantry and Clothes Closet

  • Hours: Tuesday through Thursday from 9:00am -12:00noon.
  • Pre-packaged groceries.
    • Now all of our food will be pre-sorted and packaged, including our produce section. If you are unable to use an item from your box or bag, offer it to someone else you know that may be in need. We are unable to re-use items from opened boxes at this time.
  • Verbal Questionnaire
    • We already keep our forms to a minimum, but will be making small changes to keep everyone safe. Everyone coming in will be asked to verbally answer answer our questioner, and our volunteers will write it down for our records. This is to reduce contact with shared surfaces like pens and clipboards.
  • Social Distancing Conducive Layout
    • We are now monitoring the number of people let inside the building at a time. We have also rearranged our lobby, maximizing the distance between people.  We ask that everyone be respectful of space and keep the recommended distance from each other.

Small Groups

Larimer County is now permitting gatherings of up to ten people. This is a great time to join or start a small group. We do suggest considering outdoor activities as these are lower risk (and the weather is so nice!). Even if you don’t have a formal small group, this is a great opportunity to build relationships with others by inviting them over for a cookout.

Prayer and Other Ministry Needs

Email office@lovelandvineyard.org or call 970-667-8668 (leave a message after hours) with your prayer requests and our prayer team will pray for you throughout the week. You can also email or call to set up a prayer appointment (which can be in-person or over Zoom).